Magento website support and maintainence services

Do you offer Magento Cloud Hosting services?

Choosing the Right Hosting Partner is the way for your e-commerce success. Our Magento Commerce Cloud Hosting services help your advanced Magento build and e-commerce app perform well as you intend it to be for the benefit of your customers.

  • Our Solutions:
  • Stable & Secure 1.x and 2.x hosting solutions
  • Monitored and Managed Environment
  • Performance focused Installation
  • Hourly Managed Backups
  • 24*7 Support and Monitorings
  • Dedicated Servers with Firewall Protection
  • Auto scalable Magento Hosting
  • Multi-Store Friendly Environment
  • Multi-SSL Deployment on the Same Server
  • Built-in SSH and Git environments
  • Optimized Stores for Higher Conversions
  • PCI compliant hosting environment
  • Magento clustering for load distribution
  • Remove the system's performance bottlenecks
  • Incredibly fast site with Cache configuration

Can you help me move to Magento Amazon Web Services?

Yes! We work with a number of hosting services. A few of our customers have started with Amazon as their hosting partner and have decided to stay with it. Our support team is well-versed in Magento hosting projects on Amazon.

  • Our Solutions:
  • Complete Assessment of the infrastructure
  • Optimize server and hosting performance
  • Analyze the hosting infrastructure against the current traffic volume
  • Set up infrastructure caching
  • Set up Apache Security configuration
  • Deploy content compression
  • Monitored and Managed Environment
  • Optimized Stores for Higher Conversions
  • PCI compliant hosting environment
  • 24*7 Support and Monitoring

I migrated my Magento 1 website to Magento 2 and have trouble in its performance. What to do?

If you are troubled with issues such as installation, performance during load peaks and promotion campaigns, checkout and payment enhancements, new features and updates, and more, we resolve them.

  • Our Solutions:
  • Analyze the current Magento Installation
  • Plan a migration strategy as per the current settings
  • Upgrade of Magento core to the latest stable version [Magento 2.x]
  • Configuration of all the installed Extensions
  • Reconfiguraton of the codes and audit
  • Refactoring of the Themes to solve incompatibility issues
  • Updating Magento master database
  • Fixaton of encountered bugs, errors, and, QA testing

How to Attract the Customers for the coming festival?

Magento Theming as per the today's trend and festive offers gives the extra touch to your existing website. Improving the look and feel of your store for an enhanced shopping experience brings you more visitors and prompts sales leading to an increased ROI.

  • Our Solutions:
  • Magento themes for end-to-end online promotion
  • Original images as per today's trends
  • Tweak themes as per the festive offers
  • Create custom graphic design
  • Creative concepts and fresh user interface design
  • Enhance the shopping experience across platforms
  • SEO-friendly design development
  • Landing page, e-commerce theme, shopping cart theme
  • Pixel perfect and W3C validated themes

My Site Speed is affecting the sales. What to do?

You may be right now hunting for the successful formula for boosting online sales, as you see the customers abandoning the beautifully built website. Magento Speed optimization is the solution to meet the customers expectation of page loading within 2/2 seconds and rank high in Google search result.

  • Our Solutions:
  • Optimize .htaccess file for browser cache, server response and static files handler
  • Optimize MySQL configuration and Clean up database
  • Install and configure full page caching solution
  • Check & tweak the server environment settings
  • Optimize the Magento code by resolving conflicts from 3rd party modules[if any]
  • Analyze the database queries and optimize MySQL queries
  • Optimize frontend, image, server, settings, and etc.
  • Perform Magento profiling investigation and resolve issues

How to enhance my Magento website in order to improve business results?

If you are puzzled how to bring your Magento store to the next level, then Mageoutreach is the answer for you. Mageoutreach helps you to increase sales, enhance the level of customer service, and make your store stand distinct from the crowd through integration services.

  • Our Solutions:
  • Magento Modules Integration on Joomla/Drupal or the WordPress website to empower the site with Magento
  • Enhance customer experience with Magento TYPO 3 integration.
  • Communicate with customers on social media with Magento Facebook/Twitter integration.
  • Increase visibility in Google and help the customers to locate your physical store with Google Map Integration.
  • Streamline business processes and serve the customers in a better way with Magento CRM integration.
  • Make your online business productive and profitable with cool administrationthrough ERP integration.
  • Connect the store with YouTube, eBay, Amazon, Google sitemap, social media platforms, and more with API integration.
  • Explore the power of SAP with distributors, customers, dealers, and sales representatives for your B2B e-commerce site.
  • Enable the store managers to have better decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and business results with Salesforce integration.
  • Our Magento developer experts create any integrations you find it necessary with custom integration.

I need various payment gateway for different countries for my Magento multi-site.

We provide a comprehensive range of payment gateway integration services in order to make the customers convenient to transact irrespective of their location and type of card holdings.

  • Our Solutions:
  • * Latest & Smartest for India
  • * Support debit/credit/netbanking/wallet/EMI
  • * Latest solution for India
  • * South-east Asia
  • * Complete Internet Payment options
  • * Simple and riskless
  • * Europe
  • * UK & US
  • * One stop solution
  • * For the retailers
  • * Germany
  • * India for retailers
  • * Multiple Payment solutions
  • * Easy for new users
  • * Pay through electronic cards on the merchants website
  • * Netherlands
  • * Marketplace
  • * South Africa
  • * Online retailers
  • * Enable 130 currencies
  • * Southeast Asia
  • * Works with the card the customer has in his device
  • * E-commerce payment
  • * Netherlands
  • * B2B & B2C payments
  • * India

I have installed Magento 2 about a fortnight ago. How to make the site running fast?

As the Magento merchants are moving their site to the latest versions, many of them are facing issues like the failure of image display, unresponsive Magento 2 admin, product save button, slow running site, Ajax cart issues and so forth.

  • Our Solutions:
  • Configuration of all the installed Extensions
  • Inspection and analysis of source code
  • Reconfiguraton of the codes and audit
  • Refactoring of the Themes to solve incompatibility issues
  • Updating Magento master database
  • Fixaton of encountered bugs, errors, and, QA testing
  • Analysis of URLs, permissions, database credentials, static domains, and, etc.
  • Check the path to Magento static assets

I integrated Marketplace extension to my Magento extension and the site seems to be attacked by malware. What to do?

An additional integration of extensions to the existing website needs ensuring of its relevance, functionality check, and user experience. A small vulnerability may lead to malware attack leading to website crash.

  • Our Solutions:
  • Package validation
  • Plagiarism
  • Coding Standards
  • Security/malware
  • Verification of the extension
  • Documentation of the extension
  • Functional testing
  • Enhanced security services

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